Ellie Cate Home is a tribute to some of the most influential women in Andrea's life, particularly her maternal grandmother, Ellis "Ellie" W. Greene, and her mother, Sheila "Catherine" Greene Holland. These remarkable women, known for their exceptional talents, embodied the art of creating meaningful family moments. This legacy of warmth and creativity is at the heart of what Ellie Cate Home represents, honoring the spirit and skills of these cherished matriarchs.

means to us

As the Owner and Principal Designer of Ellie Cate Home, Andrea Meade is wholeheartedly committed to making quality interior design accessible to more families, enabling them to bring their vision of home to life.
 A Tuscaloosa native, Andrea earned a Business Administration and Marketing degree from the University of Alabama, after which she pursued a
17-year career in pharmaceuticals where she honed
her business and leadership skills.

Eventually, Andrea found her forever career by
founding Ellie Cate Home, where she has been able
to fully exercise her passion for creativity and mission
to transform homes into beautiful, inviting spaces
for her clients.

Meet Andrea